Sunday, December 30, 2012

New House Pics---NOT

So I got this amazing MacBook Air from my honey Gary a while back for no particular reason, he just new I hated the laptop I was using and decided to change that for me  (thanks honey!).   I have to say I love the MB Air for sooooo many reasons--the main reasons are speed of powering it up and the other is the fabulous slim profile and weight of it.  What I have yet to conquer is how to cut and paste photos from the web.  I have no problem uploading my own photos but when I try a web pic I get a little blue square with a question mark in the middle.   Well that is not the image I want to share with all of you!!!  

Rather than not post at all today, I am going to improvise and use random photos from my rolodex of photos to insert rather than go out to the web and get more fitting pics.  So here goes....

The move is 'moving' along...

had I been able to capture a web photo--this would have been a turtle moving along very slowly....I think this photo will work in a pinch!

In reality the purchasing process was fairly quick however for Gary and I it has moved sloooooowa because we have truly fallen in love with our soon to be new home.

A little background...

 What movie this is from???  I know.

You see, we are a blended family.  I had a home and two amazing sons (oops, did I just say that?), Gary had a home and two amazing children (yup-did it again!).
We met....

Angels sang

Our overall plan was that I would sell my home, move in with him.  We would then sell his home after a year and we would rent for a bit while we searched for our dream home.  Guess what?  We did all of that with ease.  Up until the one year rent plan....  We rented a lovely cape that certainly met our needs (BASIC needs).  Our intention was to rent for just a year and before we knew it, one year was two, then three, then four!   Life took over at that point and for us that was quite ok.  We have four children between the two of us so you can imagine all of the important things that happen along the way.  A new home was less and less important as we nurtured our children and focused on them during a time of great transition for all of them.

Things settled down and we began looking again at the real estate market.  Long story short, we will be closing tomorrow!  Can you believe it?  Closing on the last day of December and starting the New Year off in our forever home?!

Because we will be closing tomorrow, I will soon have so many more pics and so many more posts.  We have a New Year's  party tomorrow eve as well---luckily we are guests rather than hosts.  We are sharing our New Year's Eve with wonderful friends who matter and will travel into the new year with us.  I feel blessed.

Hope my sparse photos did not bore anyone.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I'm Back!

Well hello and a how do you do?  It has been so long since I created a post I found it challenging to navigate my own blog!  

I never expected to be gone this long but life is life and sometimes we have to just sit back and take a break, let things follow their course and hope to land somewhere great. 

So much to catch up on but before I do that I must say that I had planned on 'coming back' last Friday however in light of the devastation that occurred on that terrible day, I just couldn't bring myself to post.  Those precious innocent children and their parents will forever hold a place in my heart.  

Let me first say that I have been following all of my favorite blogs the entire time I was on sabbatical from my own.  They make me so happy and inspire me everyday.  Pinterest has become a part of daily life, I have discovered new blogs and made a few more blog friends along the way.  So even though I haven't been posting, I have been bloggin'!

My plan for this post is to keep it short and sweet.  Sort of ease back into it...

The most wonderful thing has happened when least expected.  Let me give you hints by saying Christmas this year will be a blur, it will be the first time in my adult life I have not gone all out and decorated, it will be the first year we do not have a tree (heavens to Betsy!!!), first year my house is complete chaos with lots of cardboard floor to ceiling.   Did you guess yet?  Well here are few more hints...

Hope that helps.  Talk to you soon.
Lot's of love