Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vintage Shopping and Home Decor - Part Three

Last but not least on our 3 shop journey is Robin's Egg located in Milford, NH.  This is one of the first shops I ever fell in love with.  It truly was love at first sight.

Robin's Egg is very large.  It is located in a very large old colonial with a full basement and a very large  addition off the back of the house.  Robin, the proprietor and her family live on the second floor. 

These photos I am sharing are a mix of pics taken during the recent holidays and from last Saturday.

I just love this light fixture!

I adore anything with crowns.

This apple grabber (I'm sure there's a better name for it) would look so great filled with greens and an apple or two in the fall and then maybe a small Christmas tree with a deer during the holidays.

Fabulous idea for behind a headboard

I am pretty sure this is the largest dough bowl I have ever seen in person!


This is actually a lamp of mine adorned in coffee filters.  This will soon be for sale in my shop

Another rockin' terrarium.

And another!  I want all of them.

That is the fab Robin on the left and me on the right.  Not quite sure what I'm doing with my mouth! 

So this ends our 3 shop series.  I hope you had fun.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vintage Shopping and Home Decor - Part Two

OK, next on our journey is White Home Collections (cue the angel music).  Similar to Twin Elm Farm, White Home Collections is also in an old farmhouse which is located in Wilton, NH.  I can not say enough about this shop.  It is 3 floors of pure heaven.  It is my go to place when I want to feel especially pampered.

If that's not enough, they also offer White Home Market for 3 days each month with a different theme each time.  Some of the themes have been A Paris Apartment, Rust and Ruffles, French Garden House.....

So let's be on our way and take a tour.  These first two photos I have borrowed from their website.


Lots and lots of garden accessories.

They offer lots of vintage textiles, bedspreads, window panels and pillows.

Vintage luggage anyone?


Clever idea


Plenty of Mrs. Meyer's products.

Nooks and crannies all over the shop.

Hats for any and every occasion

Plenty of gorgeous clothing and lots of them linen

Checkout...sad to have to leave but excited about my purchases.

If I had a spot for this gorgeous concrete planter I would put a round glass top on it and use it was an end table.

Once again, I hope you enjoyed the second stop on our journey.