Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Easter Tablescape

My post from a couple of days ago along with all of the amazing Easter tablescapes I have been seeing all over blogland really challenged me (ha) inspired me to create a wonderful tablescape of my own.  I'm having an Easter brunch and thought it would  be fun to make the most of it.

I am so happy with how it all came together!  I've never really been a pastel kinda gal.  I always seem to gravitate towards more earthtones and this tablescape certainly reaveals that.

I started with a gorgeous terrarium I found at a consignment shop that was 50% off when I found it!  Final price was just $11!  I knew as soon as I saw it that "I just had to have it".  I knew I could use it for so many different occasions because it is basically a blank slate.

This is my new terrarium that I am just smitten with!

I found this perfect moss and wire butterfly at Michael's

I just love these over head pictures.  I feel like I am peeking into a magical little place.

To keep the eggs earthtones, I used brown eggs rather than white.  I soaked one in hot espresso, another in green dyed water with a hit of espresso and the third in purple dyed water with a hit of espresso.  They came out perfect for this scene. 

Not sure if you can see this, but I also included a broken egg shell that I dyed espresso green.

Sweet little rabbit with a moss egg on his back. 
I placed both real and battery operated wax candles throughout.

I found 2 of these vintage looking bunny toys at a consignment shop.  I just love them.  I found them in the same booth as the terrarium and knew instantly how my tablescape would come together.

I used a moss runner to add more of an organic feel.  (Stinks when you first unroll it but only for about 5 minutes)

This is a teenie tiny candelabra purchased at Frye Measure Mill .  I use this much more than I ever imaged.
Vintage Easter postcard with the original note and postage on the back.

What little fella is hiding beside the sugared pears?
 An owl left over from halloween.

This might be my favorite photo of this tablescape. 

Excuse the blurry photo.  I used vintage plant markers I have had forever and used them as name tags for each place setting.

China is Limoges/France.  I had exactly 8 cork tiles left over from another project and thought they would work perfect for more more texture as placemats.  Tablecloth is burlap.

Obligatory upside down photo.

I added some forsythia to my chandy for some color.

Can't wait for brunch!  Happy Easter.

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  1. Wow! Lisa, you have been busy. Just wonderful!! Love the woodland / garden theme...very charming. You are so creative and talented! I need to go to the consignment shop with you. Thanks so much for sharing all the photos. Have a Wonderful Easter! Take care, Loi

    1. Hi Loi,
      Thank you so much for the compliment. This was so much fun to put together and honestly it only took about a half hour to put together. Hope your Easter is wonderful and looking forward to more or your posts.

  2. Niece Erin (8) says "Wow! Cool!"

    Niece Alison (6) exclaims "Awesome!

    Sister Lori (29) states "Beautiful! You clearly hogged all of the creativity DNA."

    1. Hi my sweetie pies Erin and Alison! I wish you could have been here this year. Definitely next year. Hope you had a fun time on your Easter egg hunt, mommy said the Easter bunny left you lots and lots of eggs!!!
      Dear Lori, all I have to say is...I am not sure what made me laugh harder, the DNA comment or your stated age!!
      Love you with all of my might!

  3. Thank you for your sweet words about my Easter table(s). I am so new at this but loving every minute. Thank you too for the invitation to stop by your blog. Oh my goodness your table is beautiful. So much that one can do with a nice big round table. Lucky you that you have room like that. I love your table. Going to revisit it again later this evening when my house settles down a little. Happy Easter. ~m

  4. Hi Lisa! We are at the same party, Dear Lillie's. I do love your terrarium, what a great find! The bunnies are very cute also. That was a great shopping day! Happy Easter! Denise from english purple ribbon blogspot

  5. OH MY! I am in love with your terrarium! WOW! I so wish I could happen upon one of these! Everything is so beautiful! Love it all. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. What a beautiful table! And that terrarium is gorgeous. What a great price you found it for! I have been searching for one while out thrifting and haven't found one yet. Thank you for sharing this with us at TT. I hope you have a great day!

  7. Your Easter Table is awesome! You did a wonderful job. I hope you have had a very HAPPY EASTER! Today is Easter Monday in Jamaica, the final day of our 4 day Easter weekend.

  8. What fun! I loved the eggs dyed in espresso- cleaver idea!
    I keep meaning to ask, is that your house in your header? I assume that it is since it is and it is fabulous!


  9. should have read... "I assume that it is and it is fabulous!!" I need sentence check;)


    1. I was wondering when someone would ask that question! I debated about putting it there because it is not my house and my previous header as well as this one only includes photos of my things (with the exception of that photo). I was actually having a really difficult time finding a photo of my own that went with the color scheme I was going with so I went over to one of my pinterest boards and used that photo because it is so beautiful. My plan is to replace it with something of my own as soon as I find the perfect picture.
      Thanks so much for visiting.

  10. Lisa,
    Welcome to the BeColorful Motivated Monday. So glad you decided to join in.
    Love your gorgeous tablescape and your pictures are stunning. You have an eye for this sort of thing. Very very pretty.

  11. What a lovely table. Great deal on that terrarium and you incorporated it into your tablescape so beautifully. Wonderful to have you at Seasonal Sundays this Easter.

    - The Tablescaper

  12. Visting from Cozy Home Scenes party. Your table is just lovely, the terrarium is fantastic!

  13. Thanks for joining us at Creative Mondays,your table is very beautiful I love your blog :) following back by Linky followers and GFC :)

  14. Lisa, thank you for joiningYour Cozy Home Party this week. I REALLY like your Easter brunch table. The elements representing nature are wonderful such as the moss and green colored plates. Good job!--------- Shannon

  15. Looks great! I love your bunnies. So cute hanging in the window!

  16. Lisa, What a wonderful vignette on the table! I love your white terrarium and the more naturally dyed eggs. When I saw your sugared fruit, I realized that it could be used at other times other than Christmas. How smart! If mine weren't all packed up with the Christmas stuff in the attic, I'd bring it down and use now- but I'll have to remember to leave the fruit out after the holidays. Glad you came by for a visit. :-) Sue

  17. Wow, what a gorgeous vignette. Love that terrarium and the dyed eggs. Love the sugared fruit would never have thought of using for Easter, but it really works well. Very pretty vignette, great job. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best.

  18. OMG !!! how did I miss this! Lisa, your whole table is gorgeous! And your favourite photo is my favourite too! I feel like a child again looking into the little world you've created! It really is magical looking down into it - and the broken egg is a nice touch. Your dyed eggs turned out so well! meant to try that but ran out of time - oh well, next year. Love your mossy butterfly aswell. Hope your Easter brunch was faboulous and all your guests were suitably impressed with your beautiful table!! :)



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