Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ribbon Driveways

Whenever I see a driveway with a strip of grass growing down the middle of it I get a warm nostalgic feeling.   My grandparents had this before they ulimately ended up paving theirs.

Ribbon Driveway.jpg
source: apartment therapy

While these are not unique to New England, there was a time when many NE driveways looked like this (perhaps not so perfectly manicured).  There is an actual name for these, they are referred to as Ribbon Driveways.   Before the days of paving, people would pull their cars into their driveways and the tires would cause ruts on the grass leaving only the patch in the middle.  Once paving began (originally with concrete), the ruts were filled and the grass was left to grow.

For some homeowners, these have made a comeback due to their 'green benefit'.  First of all, there is less use of whatever material is used to pave which allows more growth of nature.  Second and perhaps more important, there is far less sewer run off.  There is actually a company right in my home state of New Hampshire called PermaTurf  that has created an interlocking system that helps the grass take root and withstand heavy loads.  The system is made from 100% recycled plastic.  Many people who are intentionally designing driveways like this are using this or similar systems to assist in the overall maintainance for the strip of grass.

All I know is I love the aesthetic of a grass and paved the illusion of history.




Here a few beautiful variations.........

This one just makes my brain hurt.  How on earth is this functional I ask you?

Pinned Image
My favorite!

Now go get your big girl/boy DIY boots on and go tear up your driveway!  Just don't tell the Mr. or Mrs. that I told you to.

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  1. Wow these are each so very special. Yes, my Auntie had this kind of driveway, with the sections of grass and she was the closest thing to a g-ma I ever had.

  2. Hi Lisa - I never knew that term: ribbon driveway. Now I can stop referring to this as a strip of grass :-) That last photo is divine...perfect 10!! Have a great weekend, Loi

    1. I know! I had never heard them called that either. Amazing how smart we bloggers are all getting! Watch out world! Have a wonderful weekend Loi, I love it when you stop in.

  3. Hey Lisa, I never knew that's what they were called! I adore that cottage (third one down)! last one is gorgeous too! Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my blog - I've been smiling ever since - thanks Lisa :)

  4. Hi Lisa, I remember these too. So many lovely bungalows with these driveways! Love the look, and I REALLY love those carriage house garage doors! thanks so much for linking up to VIF, so glad to have you!

  5. How exciting to find your blog just as I was trying to explain to my contractor that I wanted one of those 'old fashioned' driveways for my 1925 renovation!.

  6. Straight to the point and well written! Why can’t everyone else be like this?

  7. this is a better look for a driveway rather than plain old concrete.

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