Monday, March 25, 2013

A Very Understated Easter

(bear with me while I work out the kinks with Instagram linking to my blog)

Let's take a peek into my living room to see what sort of Easter decor I have come up with, shall we?  Easter has never been a big decorating holiday in my home.  After all it really isn't a holiday about bunnies now is it!!  I call this my understated Easter decor...

I found these adorable bunny toys last year (I have 2 of them).  I just love them.  The stocky cream candle is Target via Goodwill.  Brass candlesticks are an antiquing find.  Tapers are super old candles found in a local antique shop.  They are gorgeous, black and the floral design is more wax that has been intricately painted.

Are you spying my smocked burlap panels?  Oh how I am in love with these babies.  More on those in a future post.

Simple and elegant, just how I like it.  Not too foo foo.

So tough to take pics in windows!  Plus I am using my iPhone rather than my camera.  Little bunny with moss egg on her back to the left.  Vintage post card to the right.  The candle is stunning in person.  Another vintage find.  Intricate painted wax detail adorns the entire candle.  I will never burn this little lovely.  I call her Fraulein because she was made in Germany.   The lamp is super duper heavy italian marble, of course an antiquing home run.  Bust is Homegoods (I think she does a great job holding her own among these vintage finds).

Here is my adorable little (well he is a bit stocky I suppose :-) English Bully, Albert.  The brick under my chair is a staple of the room for a while.  The leg was damaged in the move--life happens!  When it does, stick a brick under it!

If you missed last year's tablescape, check it out here.  You will see a common theme with my decor---earth tones.

Must have a faux moss bunny in my house every Easter!  Boxwood in my sweet little iron bird feeder.    This is real boxwood treated somehow.  I really am pleased with the quality.

I love vintage postcards.  Especially when they have a real note on them.  This one does.
Floral frogs are perfect for displaying these.

I have always found this little guy a bit creepy.  He sits atop my Anne Geddes Until Now book.    The book was a gift from Gary, he knows how much I love babies.  Especially naked chubby babies!!!  Anne's books are full of them.  Bamboo cabinet is a recent vintage find.

 Thanks for stopping in! Have a lovely Easter.
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  1. I love your 'understated' style. Such warm colors. Your house looks amaze balls (ya I just wrote that and I am a grown up!). Can't wait to see the post about the smocked burlap panels. I have seen only a few and wish I could afford them! They are so unique too.
    Hope you blog more, I love your style and humor.

    1. Hi Janice,
      A little FYI before I post about the smocked burlap-I waited and waited and waited and my waiting paid off-that's all I have to say. You know EACH panel was $213.00.
      Well I did not pay that.

  2. Love all your cute bunnies
    Thank you so much for your visit today!

  3. A bunny here, a bunny there, and before you know it, Easter is everywhere!

  4. Hi, Lisa - You've moved in!!! Show us more, please :) Love your carved wooden mantel. Is it oak or chestnut? Congratulations!!! And, hello to Albert :)

    1. Hi Loi!
      We are so grateful to have found this amazing home. It is simply magical. The house is full of chestnut, oak, mahogany and sycamore. I have not even taken the time to count all of the columns yet. That just gave me an idea--a post on my columns!
      Thanks for stopping in Loi, you never cease to make me smile. I hope to meet you some day and of course stop in at your wonderful shop!

  5. Love the bunnies Lisa! Thanks again for coming by Moving Forward. Happy Easter!



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