Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Home Office

I don't think I could ask for a more beautiful home office...

Just a few last touches (art work, glass atop the desk, roman shades made of material with a french design) and she is done.  It has been a labor of love transforming this once very dark room into my very own boutique like home office!

Thanks for stopping in.

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  1. I always enjoy visiting your historic home! Beautiful home office, Lisa. Is this where you blog? :) If so "hello, there!" my friend. xo, L
    PS - The woodwork is in such pristine condition - just lovely!!

  2. How weird that we have almost the same exact post at the same time? LOL!
    I would kill for that chandelier. No. Really.



  3. I love the chandy, wow so pretty, but the door is just the most beautiful, if I lived near you I would have to come and take it off the hinges and take home with me so I could look at it all day...

  4. That chandy is spectacular! Love the high ceilings and moldings around the windows and doors. Lovely space! Would love for you to share at Fridays Unfolded!


  5. Yes, the chandy is gorgeous and I love all your little touches!


  6. That chandy is spectacular!!! OMG you didn't fill us in on where how and why etc...of the big purchase! Also is that an aubusson rug in a pretty blue color? LOVE!

    1. Hi Amy! So happy you stopped in. I want to do a much fuller post on my office but I have one more thing I have to do (I keep procrastinating). The chandy was found at Crawley Falls in Brentwood NH. It was hidden in a far corner on the third floor of their barn and oh my gosh she was so so dirty. We had to rescue her and give her a very long bath. I just adore this little gem. And yes it is an aubusson rug! I just got it and LOVE it. I so badly wanted one but just wasn't finding anything until we had dinner with friends and she mentioned she had one. She has a lovely shop called Bon Marche in Maynard MA. I will do a much fuller post soon :-)

  7. so many beautiful touches, that chandelier is beyond fabulous!


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