Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Soup Night

Every year for the past 6 or 7 years I have hosted what I call "soup night" at my house.  It is always in the fall and always features 3 soups (which is inclusive of stew, chili or chowder).  The soups are accompanied by appetizers, desserts and of course beverages.

Guests are close family and a few close friends.  We keep it informal and treat it almost as an open house-everyone eats when they want to, some stand and others sit.  Lots of sampling of soups go on.

This year I really focused on seasonal foods so my 2 soups were a Butternut 
Squash Sausage Soup topped with fried sage and the second was a Lemon Chicken Orzo.  My cousin brought a hearty Potato & Corn Chowder with toppings on the side.

That's A LOT O' CHICKEN!!!   I cheat and use roasted chicken from the grocery store---it rocks!

Some of my favorite things....wooden bowl is handmade and signed by the best friend of my Aunt.  She left it to me when she passed away.  She also gave me the wooden salt bowl.  Cutting board was made my my cousin's husband and was a wonderful Christmas gift years ago.

Appetizers included a Fig, Ricotta, Honey Crostini.  I got the recipe from Tina over at The Enchanted Home,  a pretty silver platter of Fresh Fruit, White Cheddar Popcorn compliments of Smart Food (popcorn of any kind is always a hit).  

 I also included something sweet---S'mores on a Stick!   It's a party so who says we can't have dessert as an appetizer?  Recipe can be found here.  I did alter this recipe a bit--I only did one dip, not two and I did not use white chocolate.  Super easy recipe that would also make a great party favor individually packed in a cellophane envelope.

Try a soup night for yourself -- it is fun, comforting and your guests will thank you!

Beginning to set up the 'soup station'.  I used a warming tray since I wasn't using crock pots.  A few stacks of bowls and basket of soup spoons is all you need for this simple main course.

This side of the counter is set up for the breads---I kept it simple compliments of my Mom, pumpkin bread with pumpkin cream cheese and a garlic rosemary bread.

I love to label food when entertaining a crowd, helps me as a hostess so I don't have to keep answering questions.
 I leave you with these last two pics....the chaos of a kitchen in motion and where my dog Lucy is when I cook...


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  1. Hi Lisa -
    What a hearty way to celebrate fall! I happen to love soup - all kinds!!! With a big piece of crusty bread, it is my favorite comfort food. BTW, did you ever watch Seinfeld? Remember that episode with the soup nazi?? Happy Wednesday! It's storming like mad in DC! cheers

  2. Everything looks amazing Lisa...I've been craving soup since the beginning of October and this just made me want it even more. The pops look amazing! nice job...xo

  3. Hi Lisa!
    Your evening looks and sounds like it was wonderful. I LOVE the soups that you served your guests. YUM!
    I had Lemon Orzo soup for the first time a few year ago, and couldn't believe that such a simple soup could have such great flavors. I imagine your guests went home with full tummies and happy hearts :0)
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    Have a great week,

  4. This looks so wonderfully simple! Even though I am not a huge fan of soup these days, but I would LOVE to have one myself. Your guests must have never had a dull moment there. By the way, the photos you took were AMAZING!!! I especially loved that one with the marshmallows on a stick. *Applauds*

    1. Yes, the photo of the marshmallows was and is always a favorite of mine. Love the photographer.


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