Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tartan, Tartan How I Love Thee.

So I have fallen in love with anything tartan.  Last year I saw the photo below and immediately pinned it because I just knew I had to recreate a similar look in my house somewhere.  Well the other day while decorating our living room it hit me like a ton of bricks---I had the perfect place to recreate this look.
Have a look for yourself. 

This is my inspiration photo, so quaint and cozy.
Photo found via google tartan search--no direct source link could be found :(

This is my piece that was begging for a holiday makeover.

This is how it came out!

Exactly the look I was yearning for.

This was a super simple, super budget friendly project that took all of 20 minutes to complete once the fabric was purchased.  I do not recall how much the fabric was but I know it was under $10.  I did also make a matching pillow cover for the same room with the remains.

For the shelf backing all I did was remove the shelves, measure the back and cut the fabric (leave it rough because no one sees the edges).   I used 3 3 inch self adhesive Velcro strips evenly spaced at the top to adhere the fabric.  Replace the shelves, style them, add some light and voila a festive piece of furniture.

This backing will be removed later in the winter and replaced with the same method using linen.  

I'll post on the rest of the room decorated for Christmas soon.

Ho Ho Ho!!!


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  1. That looks really gorgeous Lisa. You have such flair!

  2. That is absolutely beautiful and something I will definitely steal - I mean borrow.

  3. So festive, fabulous and fun, Lisa!!! And what a beautiful china cabinet. I love those glazed doors with the gothic arches. Warm greetings from DC, L

  4. What a great idea.....I love the plaid and you have it styled so beautifully :o)

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