Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Equestrian Decor

When I think of the word equestrian I think of horses of course, but my mind drifts off to thoughts of equestrian decor which I love despite never having been on a horse (well maybe once...)

I think of gorgeous boots, tweed, plaid, tartan, deep deep reds and greens, velvet couches, belts & buckles, Ralph Lauren, black lamp shades, mahogany...all of the things I love.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite equestrian decorating styles.

This is so simple and elegant yet makes quite a statement.

The horseshoe detail is wonderful and the tiny dresser has my heart.

Fabulous Chesterfield

I would never leave this kitchen.

Really?  The floors and the bell jar lighting are spectacular.

A bit of whimsy with these confident gentleman andirons...



  1. Every fall, I dream of rides in the countryside! And visiting inns decorated warmly with lots of tartan and equestrian accessories!! Love this look. I hope you are enjoying early fall in New England, Lisa. We'll be back in Maine in October. Cheers, L

    1. Hi Loi,
      Autumn in New England is always such a treat. My favorite season by far!! Your Maine home has been a joy to follow along!
      All my best,

  2. This is a perfect post. I love the picture with the black lab and I just realized I need to add a little equestrian decor here. :)

    Happy day!

    1. Karianne on my blog!!!! I feel like a celebrity just showed up and I can't find the words to say I adore you!!!
      You are the reason I have the most gorgeous drapes in my living room (I bought the smocked burlap panels from soft surroundings after seeing yours).
      Have a great day-you just made mine :-)

  3. I grew up with horses, but strangely, I have nothing at all equestrian in my decor. My sister still has horses...but her decor consists of straw and horse apples. Seriously.



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