Friday, February 3, 2012

Dundee Orange Marmalade Jars

You may have noticed this Dundee Orange Marmalade Jar in one of the photos in my blog header (at the time of this post at least).

I really like these little guys because of their history and because I like the creamy color of the stoneware.

They are fairly difficult to find in my area however when I do find them they are not expensive.  Mine have ranged from $10 - $14.  They can be found on ETSY and Ebay fairly easily.  I think the reason they don't  have much value is because at one time there were so many of them made and many are still out there. 

I found a site that speaks to the history of them, Water Between Stones.  I'm not sure of the accuracy of the information but it sounds pretty straight forward.  I know they started making the orange marmalade and jars over 200 years ago and that the jars are no longer used.  They are now in boring white glass jars (that's my humble opinion at least).

ho hum

I showed you the picture of my dundee jar that holds a flameless candle.  That proud fella sits in the living room and gets used most nights.  My other jar has been put to work as well because anything remotely resembling a cha-ch-key usually has to pull it's own weight and function in my house!

My Mrs. Meyer's hand soap bottle fits snug as a bug in a rug.


Even better

Here is a great photo from google images of some lucky owner's collection


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