Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Little Cubicle That Could

For about 8 months out of the year I work pretty much from home, the other 4 months I need to be in the office to assist in managing a project that we have every year.  Right now I am in the first month of those 4 months.  My 'office' is a cubicle and I DETEST cubicles.  Look how ugly they are!



This is exactly how I feel!
  So I decided it was about time I made my digs a little more inviting.  I have fallen in love with the color aqua and have none in my house.  I love fru fru lampshades and have none in my house.  Sooooo my new digs have both.  Check it out!

Coffee Filter Lampshade tutorial here.

I know, I know this chair cover is a bit frumpy.
The color (which does not show in the pic) is a
brilliant aqua.  And let's face it folks, this is my cubicle
at work.  I'm not going to have it slipcovered.  Not gonna
spend a dime on it, not gonna do it!

See how I put an aqua piece of paper on each pile of paper?
Some would call that coocoo.  I'll let you be the judge:-) 

I found some cool aqua contact paper. 
I know, I rock!!

See those?...aqua scissors!  I just stumbled upon these in one of my draws. 
The cubicle Gods were with me that day.

Oh I'm not done.  I have a few more ideas.  I'll keep you posted because I know you are all wishing you could spend 8 hours a day 5 days a week in my cubicle. 

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