Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ralph Gets Lillie Some Tulips

For those of you who haven't yet met Ralph and Lillie, here they are..

Ralph is on the left and Lillie is on the right.  They hang out in my kitchen and have a tough time with change.  We do our best to keep them happy.

Ralph was very pleased with me today and that means Lillie was pleased with Ralph.
Try to follow along folks.

You see, I have about 5000 people coming to my house tomorrow.  Today was a crazy busy day getting ready, buying food, preparing, cleaning, pinterest once in a while for fun :-)  The weather has been phenomenal so I wanted to be sure to pick up some tulips.  I wanted white and luckily found them on the first try.

Somewhere in my travels years ago I came across two identical vases that I fell head over heals for.  I loved their color, texture and most of all their shape.  I know nothing about them however I think they may be a type of Italian pottery.  They do have markings on the bottom that I'll show in one of my pics.  If anyone knows anything about them or has some insight, I would love to hear from you.

Here they are:

They are a wonderful shade of yellow

The markings aren't very clear in the pic

So, back to Ralph and Lillie.  Lillie loves getting flowers and actually
 thinks these are hers and Ralph  takes all the credit.
Yup, I do all work and he takes all the credit.  Men!

I try to remove most of the leaves.  I like to see just the tulips,
not a bunch of leaves.

Stuff the vases with floral foam

Naked tulip

Ralph said they look a little drunk.  Lillie shushed him and said they were lovely.

No Lillie, you can not eat the moss.

They flank my kitchen sink perfectly every time.  I just love them.

I think Ralph's getting lucky tonight.


  1. Lillie and Ralph appear to be made for each other. This is my first time here...I have a said in this post that you'll be having 5000 guests coming to your house....may I ask why? LOL

    1. Hi Rett,
      So happy your found my blog. I hope you visit often!
      If you visit enough, you will get to experience my sense of humor which is often sarcastic and I tend to exagerate a tad (for humor sake). I really had 15 guests!
      Please stop in again. I love comments!


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