Sunday, February 5, 2012

Meet the Tremaynes

So here's the thing, I have a form of ADHD only in my case it is referred to as HGTV.  Luckily for me it does not exacerbate via the TV, for me it is the internet.  I have this insatiable need to find stimulating home decor/DIY blogs! 

In my attempt to consume all of the home decor/DIY blogs one ambitious evening I stumbled upon a blog that I now follow faithfully because not only does this lady rock the DIY world, she is also one of the funniest reads I have ever had.  Her sense of humor is very similar to mine and I relate on so many levels to her one liners. 

Her name is Mandi and she's my new BFF.  She doesn't know that yet, in fact she doesn't even know I exist or that I am infatuated with her (and yes, I technically am a stalker of her blog).  I do know that as soon as she finds out about me she is going to want to fly to my house and knock down a few walls together and then have tea and crumpets.  I know that day will come.  I will wait patiently. 

I know I'm a fool to share her with my readers seeing as this is a brand spankin' new blog.  Once you see how amazing she is and witness how funny she is you may never return to me.  Please do come back.

Without too much further adieu, here are a few things she has in her profile that had me at hello:
-Her first line is "I build crap".  Now to some that my seem crass, to me it is raw honesty!
-" I believe that projects alway come before cleaning"
-"My house is always a disaster"
-"I believe that everyone should get 9 hours of sleep at night, and nothing should start before 9 am. Maybe   10"

This woman is my clone.  Only she's cuter, has blond hair and is probably at least 10 years younger than me.

I leave you with this....when I very first started my blog I asked everyone under the sun to look it over and share their thoughts with me.  My sister called me the first week and was all excited "Lisa, I read your blog.  Ya, it's nice but who is the funny lady in that blog you have listed in blogs you follow?  She is awesome!"  Thanks sis.

The name of Mandi's blog is Tidbits from the Tremaynes and here are just a few of many great posts

                          Gorgeous Door Treatments

                                       I want this built in!
(I can't find the direct link for this, I've looked and looked--trust me it's there somewhere)


                                              Super pretty hair!  Oh, I mean mantel.

                         Gorgeous glass tile backsplash

Did I mention she has 4 little "cherubs" she contends with while DIYing?!
Here is a picture of her youngest.  Remember, promise to come back to my blog.  I know this child is too cute for words but I'm a really nice person and want you back...



  1. I too LOVE Mandi's blog and often find myself laughing out loud! In honoring full disclosure I should reveal that I am Mandi's father but that really has little relevance - right? She has many talents. Building and writing are two of my favorites. By the way, your very, very kind comments about Mandi were wonderful and wonderfully written. Looks like someone else has some pretty fair talents also!


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