Sunday, January 29, 2012

Coffee Filter Lampshade Tutorial (yes, coffee filters)

Coffee filter wreaths, coffee filter lamp shades?  P-a-leeeese!  Sounds so tacky. 
Well guess what?  They totally rock!
The're all over blogland and probably considered passe' at this point.  As usual, I was tardy to the party and just discovered them myself about a year ago.  I think the wreaths are so lovely and the lampshades are so adorable!  

Here are photos of pretty wreaths.  You can use the bleached filters that are white or the unbleached filters that are light brown.


I made this one and dress it up differently depending on the season.

What I absolutely adore are the lampshades.  I have made a few myself and couldn't be more pleased.  These are so easy to make and so inexpensive.  I thought I would show you how easy it is to transform an old tired lamp base and shade into a darling lamp.
First, here are a few pictures of a couple I have already made:

I think this is my favorite so far!

This is a large drum shade that is stunning when lit up.  Both are waiting for new lucky owners at a local shop.
 So here is a quick little tutorial that shows just how easy it is to make one.  The base and shade I am demonstrating are both thrift shop finds.
This adorable little lamp base was so sad looking when I found it but I saw the potential.  See the price?  I really splurged on this little guy!

I had picked up 2 of these great retro shades over the summer.  Loved the shape and I knew I would find a use for them someday.  $4.00 for a pair.

The shade and base were meant to be together!  Just needed a few upgrades.

I gave the base a good scrubbing and then spray painted it a wonderful turquiose.


Onto the shade. 

Get yourself some coffee filters.  Don't worry, you don't need this many.  I'm just a little nutso. 
About 200 - 250 should do the job.

Fold each one in half

In half again

And say it with me one more time---in half again

Once you have folded the filter into quarters you then need to fold the bottom point up about an inch

Once you have folded a crazy amount of filters, you need to get your handy dandy glue gun ready for some fun.

 Grab your glue sticks, crank up the tunes, grab some sparkling water and get busy girlfriend we don't have all day!

There really is no magical way to glue them on.  I tend to make sure the top has all the points pointing toward the bottom of the shade to keep the top layer uniform.  After that you can do all different directions or all the same, it depends on the look you want.

Once you have it all covered you will want to light it up and step back to see if there are any gaps.  If so, just fill them in.  At this point you may need to cut part of the point off so you can fit the remaining pieces in.

I always finish the top off with cording hot glued so you get a nice finished look.

Now for a refresher. 

Here is our sorry little sad sack

Here is our little glam girl ready to take on the world!

Does this shade make me look fat? 

Lillie approved!

I'm even cuter in person.

Hope you enjoyed this cute little tutorial!

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  1. Ooh Lisa, this is so lovely! I can't wait to make this and was already in love with the wreaths! I guess I'm "tardy to the party" also as I only saw the wreath for the first time last week! lol Do you have a tutorial for the wreath also?
    I am a new follower through GFC and Networked Blogs and hope you'll follow also. I found you on It's Overflowing party. I hope you'll stop by and share your lamp and my party that I just started: Frugal Treasures Tuesday!

    1. By the way, I just finished a lampshade I covered with blue silk hydrangea petals! Come check it out! : )

  2. Such a ratty little lamp turned glam! So cute. I may just give this a try. Are coffee filters the rage or what!?


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