Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ralph and Lillie

Today's post is strickly for humor.  It is Tuesday and good to start the week with a little tongue-in-cheek fun.

Webster's Dictionary:
knick-knack, nick-nack [ˈnɪkˌnæk]
       1. a cheap ornament; trinket
       2. an ornamental article of furniture, dress, etc.
chach·ka or tchotch·ke  (chochkey) also tsats·ke (chut-skay)
n. Slang
        1. a cheap showy trinket.

I have never been a fan of knick knacks (or chachkas as others call them).  In fact, I go out of my way to keep them at a minimum in my house unless it is part of a vignette.  Then I bend the rules (cause' it's my house and I make the knick knack rules).
So let me repeat, I am not a fan of knick knacks....until I met Ralph and Lillie and made an exception. 

(L) Ralph, (R) Lillie
Say hello.
Little back story.  I first spotted Ralph in a gift shop.  I know what you're thinking, if you aren't into knick knacks, why on earth would you be in a gift shop?  Sometimes I just do strange things, let's just leave it at that and move on.  I fell in love with Ralph at first sight.  I believe the feelings were mutual.  Soon Ralph was mine.  A month or two later I spotted Lillie.  Her pleading eyes communicated to me that she needed a big strong sheep in her life.  I immediately thought of Ralph home alone in my kitchen.  Soon I was the owner of not one but two KNICK KNACKS!!

This is where Ralph and Lillie spend their every waking moments (and sleeping nights).   Remember people, these are knick knacks and they can't go anywhere.

They tend to look at each other a lot and monitor everything I do in the kitchen.
Here comes the tricky part.  I purchased these vintage hummingbird prints a while back and they sat on a shelf for quite a while as the holidays came and went.  Once the holidays were over I decided to find a home for them.  I kept going back to the wall space behind the sheep.  (now remember, this is a tongue-in- cheek post)...what if Ralph and Lillie felt upstaged?  Especially Lillie, she is a bit insecure about her weight.  I decided to just discreetly place the prints behind them and see how they reacted.

As you can see, they noticed immediately.

They seemed to have issues with the print on the right.

Ralph took Lillie aside and assured her she was still the prettiest one in the room.

Lillie turned around for another look.  There were a few more minutes of hesitation on her part.

Finally she told Ralph she would tolerate the prints as long as she always got to stand front and center stage.  Ralph said he would have it no other way.

Both have gone back to their daily discussions and kitchen monitoring. 
All is good.

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