Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIY Beeswax Candle Sleeves

We've all seen the candlewax sleeves out there.

They are lovely however I wanted mine to have the look of honeycomb beeswax.
So my DIY hat came out and I soon had an idea.  What if I did the obvious?  Wrap
my candle sleeves with honeycomb beeswax!

I picked up some old candles while thrifting this weekend and went to work. 

Here is what I did:
First get your supplies:  candle, knife, scissors,candle sleeve and get yourself on over to the
kitchen sink.  FYI, you can also purchase sheets of honeycomb beeswax.

Prior to removing the candle sleeve, mark where you need to cover with wax. 
The sleeve should just slide up and off of your base.

Cut the candle to the appropriate size.  I ran my knife under hot water to get
it to easily cut through.

Next, the wax needs to be pliable in order to get it to unwrap and then wrap
around again on the bare sleeve.  All I did was run some warm water over
the candle and after a few seconds I was able to easily unwrap it.

 Next, quickly wrap it around your sleeve. If you wait too long you will just have
to run the wax under the water again to soften it up.  Overlap the edges just a tiny bit and gently push the seams together to bond them. 

Voila!  You have a gorgeous beeswax candle sleeve.

This is a super easy inexpensive way to get a natural beeswax candle look for a chandelier. 
I think I am also going to try adding some drippings at the top with the remaining candles I bought.
FYI-I tested the wax once these were on and kept the light on for a few hours and they did not budge.

*****My fear was that they would melt from the heat of the bulbs.  This has not occured with mine.  I recommend that if you try this, just do one and then give it a test run so you don't end up with a melted mess.

A blooper did occur in my first attempt to soften the wax.  I put the candle in the oven on the lowest temperature (170 degrees).  Let's just say that was not too bright!

Just one big mess.

In my 'research' for this project (that's what I call it when I scour the internet for
images-sounds more productive)

I came across these!

Love, love, love these and will be making knockoffs soon. 
Probably for my chandelier's 'spring collection'. 

Also came across this beauty!

Can you say gorgeous?!  This 'sleeve' is made of glass.  Image has link if you are in the market.   Not in my price range but oh so lovely.



  1. hi Lisa,
    I made some honeycomb beeswax sleeves just like this about 15 years ago, and they melted on the first use:( Hope yours last longer!! Luninere Candles (on my sidebar with a 10% coupon) makesthe honeycomb beewax sleeves fyi!

    all my best,

  2. Hi Joan,
    That was my fear too. I was certain they would melt because they are so thin. So far so good!


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