Thursday, January 26, 2012

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Have you ever had a repetitive dream?  One that drops in every now and then but doesn't ever seem to  really have a predictable time as to when it will show up?  No event in your life seems to trigger it.  But you know that it must be symbolic because it is basically always the same dream in one form or another.

I do.  My repetitive dream probably started about 20 years ago.  My dream always involves me being in a house and I am discovering room after room in the particular house I am in.  The dream is always full of expectation and awe.  The rooms I discover have nothing to do with beauty in regards to how they are decorated.  Just the fact that there is room after room is wonderful enough. 

I love having this dream, to me it symbolizes hope and optomisism. I have to think it is a good dream. 

Shortly after my grandfather died (my Pepere) I had the dream.  Only this time I was on the outside of the house and could not get in.  I was walking around and around it and looking in the windows.  I remember feeling frustrated that I could not get in.  After walking around it many times, I found myself at the front steps and finding my Pepere sitting on the front steps.  All he did was smile and hand me a key.  A key to the house.

My love of houses and what they mean stays with me even in my dreams.



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