Saturday, March 31, 2012

Albert, My English Bulldog

So I think it is about time I introduce you to my English Bulldog Albert...

This is how we find him most of the time

I love the bent paw, so cute.

What you lookin' at?!

We have had Albert since he was 8 weeks old, he is now 3.  He comes from a wonderful breeder located in Northwood NH called Glory B Farms.  The breeders Rick and Debbie are passionate about their bullys and breed all their pups to be the healthiest english bulldogs. 

I love this photo, his legs are wedged in between the cushions.  So cozy.

Another favorite (and yes, his nails were clipped shortly after this photo was taken!)

He's so handsome!
English Bulldogs are a very special breed that need owner's who are knowledgeable about the special needs of the breed.   We fell in love with the breed while watching an episode of Dog Town.  There is so much I could tell and share about this breed but this post would just go on and on.  Let me some it up with this, this breed/Albert is the most loyal little fella, he is clutsy, playful, loves affection, is super social, loves children and the elderly.  He is a pleaser.  He is also extremely stubborn in a very funny way, I truly believe he thinks he is human.

I leave you with super cute puppy pictures...

Wait, did we get a rabbit by mistake?


Or wait, did we get a lion cub?







  1. What a sweetheart. He looks very easy to love. And those puppy pictures...Oh So Cute!!!
    Thanks for dropping by today.

  2. Your dog is the sweetest ever...what a cutie and I bet he runs the

  3. Aw! so cute - he looks like a right little character!


  4. As cute as Albert was as a pup, bullies just keep getting better with time. He is so precious. Give him a big kiss and hug from me!

  5. Hi Lisa - HOW cute is Albert!!! He's absolutely gorgeous - and those puppy photos - SO yummy! Btw - I haven't forgotten about the award (thnk you SO much again!) - I'm just terribly disorganised! x

  6. Glad you all think Albert is as cute as our family does (and everyone who meets him)!
    Mrs. Sutton, 'disorganized' is my middle name so no worries :-)

  7. Hi Lisa - Albert is SO charming!!! I have 2 dogs (Tibetan terriers) myself. I hope Albert is as spoiled as mine. BTW, I received your comments via my email, but they do not appear on my blog comments---very strange those did not post. Looking forward to reading your posts! Loi

  8. Oh, hey, Lisa - I found your comments. They were in my spam folder. I just learned another element of blogging! Cheers, Loi

  9. Lisa,
    Albert is adorable, love the puppy photos! He looks like a sweetie!
    Thanks for following, I'm your newest follower also and will be back to visit often!


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