Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hot Air Balloons Take Me Away...

My creative juices are so halted as of late.  I am managing (co-managing) a lot of temporary staff presently and when I get home I have so many ideas but not enough energy to conquer a post worthy of signing my name to.
Tonight as I looked over my favorite blogs, I came across a post from another blogger that I loved because of the hot air balloon theme.

(Background)  after work today, I left the office to pick up my step kiddies from their after school program.  Before I picked them up I needed to pick up a couple of gift items for a fun contest I am having for our staff who have creative ambitions.  I will definitely post on that soon.
While picking out a few gift items, I came across a gorgeous gift bag with a hot air balloon on the front.  I have always had a bit of an attraction to the beauty of hot air balloons.

Later in the evening a post caught my eye because it was another pretty picture of a hot air balloon. The post was ....Tablescape Pour Le Printemps  on the wonderful blog Vignette Design.
Her tablescape featured a hot air balloon and it just made my day.  It is so wonderful with all the yellow, fantastic napkin rings, beautiful glassware, lattice charger plates. 


Love this, want this!

The stemware looks purple!!  Like that.


Pocket doors make me weak in the knees.



  1. two things - still cant figure out how to leave comment with my name and pic, guess i need an actual blog for that ? anyway first thing is pocket doors are also a dream of mine - now have the right rooms for it, just need to find the guy to do it. second, new home includes neighbor who has own hot air balloon , which neighbors tell me goes up in summer mornings, lovely to watch. can't wait! - Tricia

    1. Wow, can't wait to see pics of the balloon! I think if you have a google account (gmail) you can sign in under that.


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